Curriculum Vitae

Culture Through Film Workshop

(UC Santa Cruz – Anthro 120)

Trained students in the aesthetics and technical production of short video projects



Hearing Culture: The Anthropology of Sound Workshop

(UC Santa Cruz – Anthro 194S)

Trained students in live sound recording and editing with regards to soundscapes and the ambient sounds of various spaces



Introduction To Visual Culture Media Workshop

(UC Santa Cruz – Anthro 81J )

Trained students in the aesthetics and technical production of a short digital slideshow



Anthropology of Photography Photo Workshop

(UC Santa Cruz – Anthro 132)

Introduction to digital photography within the field of ethnography



Anthropology Video Production Project Workshop

(UC Santa Cruz – Anthro 154L)

Trained students in the production of video projects in conjunction with Anthropology’s Culture Through Film course


Social Documentation Audio Workshop

(UC Santa Cruz – CMMU 72)

Trained students in the production of short radio documentaries



Social Documentation Advanced Audio Workshop

(UC Santa Cruz – CMMU 172)

Trained students in advanced practices in post sound editing for film and radio using ProTools

Race, Class and Gender in Education Workshop

(UC Santa Cruz – Education 181)

Trained students in the production of a Public Service Announcement (PSA)

Chicano/a Latino Studies Using Media

(UC Santa Cruz – LALS 101)

Video production course instructs students in basic camera operationinterview techniques and editing

Field Study Preparation Media Workshop

(UC Santa Cruz – LALS 196)

Technology overview course for students beginning one year of research based fieldwork. Trained students in basic camera operation, recording techniques, lighting and proper data collection for archival purposes